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2012 ELA Curriculum (First Edition)
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Looking for the first edition?


1. Where can I find the first edition Grades 3-8 ELA curriculum?


In June 2018, we decommissioned For any users who continue to implement the first edition Grades 3-5 ELA curriculum, this content is available on New York State's curriculum website EngageNY. We also no longer offer printed copies of the first edition of Grades 3-5. Please update any bookmarked links so that they direct to


For users looking to learn more about the specific enhancements to the second edition Grades 3-5 Language Arts curriculum, please review the Second Edition Enhancement documents (for Grades 3-5) on the Tools page.


2. Where can I find the first edition Grades 6-8 ELA curriculum?


Grades 6-8 First Edition (2012) has now been retired from Curriculum.Eleducation.Org. Users who have not yet transitioned to the new edition can access the Grades 6-8 ELA Curriculum via EngageNY


For users looking to order print materials of the Grades 6-8 ELA curriculum, please refer to our How to Order page for details. 

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